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Fans Answer: Which TV Show Started Out Great, But Later Got Too Ridiculous

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Have you ever gotten incredibly excited about a new television series that started out amazing, but kind of fizzled out after a while? Sadly, it happens on occasion - especially when a show gets renewed beyond the initial plans, which leaves the writers scrambling to come up with decent content. Many a TV series has started out well only to crash and burn towards the end. Did someone just say "Game of Thrones season eight?"

When this kind of thing happens, the internet responds, and questions are often asked and answered. The place this happens is, of course, Reddit! On the AskReddit subreddit, people ask the question everyone wants to know, "Which TV show got too big for its boots?" Redditors have responded, and some of their explanations make a lot of sense.

This list highlights the best examples of TV series that started out strong but managed to wither and die soon after their first season stunned audiences. Find your favorites down below and don't forget to vote!

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    From Redditor MurderGiraffe19:

    Is it fair to say Heroes. I love the show, but it was wack for like the last two seasons. The reboot was just I don't know what that was.

    From Redditor tehdang:

    "Save the cheerleader, save the world." ... Ok we did that, now what?

    From Redditor Number127:

    "Thank you Peter! But the cheerleader is in another castle!"

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    From Redditor ray-banwo-man:

    That 70s Show after Jackie & Hyde broke up, Eric & Kelso left, and Donna became blonde. WTF.

    From Redditor house_autumn:

    I will never, ever understand why they made Jackie and Fez endgame when she and Hyde worked so well together.

    From Redditor PleasantSalad:

    The seasons where Eric is gone, but everyone still hangs out in the basement.... were tough. Red and Kitty carried the show. The 8th season was painful.

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    From Redditor smithshelbyk:

    I loved True Blood but man it went way off the rails especially the last couple of seasons.

    From Redditor Supraman83:

    They crammed so much s**t into that show I'm still amazed Batman didn't make a cameo.

    From Redditor surebegrandlike:

    OMG, I loved it and the books but then all the fairy s**t started happening in both and I was like "F**k you Charlaine Harris, what have you done!" Also Billith? What the actual f**k?

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    From Redditor Seichonaut:

    Once Upon a Time - interesting concept, poor execution down the line.

    From Redditor EmperorOfFabulous:

    Every season we had to deal with yet another memory wipe. That got old fast.

    From Redditor 1CEninja:

    It was like Heroes. The first season was high-tier TV watching, then every season gets progressively worse until you don't even notice it's off the air.