21 Comfort TV Shows People Always Find Entertaining

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Great TV shows can be one of the most reliable forms of entertainment. Certain shows have that incredible "rewatchability" factor which makes them the perfect candidates to have on in the background or even to help someone fall asleep. Reddit user u/MonkeyCapt asked: "What TV show have you rewatched more than 5 times and you still find entertaining?" and the responses led us right to our couch.

  • From Reddit user u/GorillaS0up:

    Classic Simpsons.

    Reddit user u/Ted_Denslow replied:

    I could watch nothing but seasons 3-8 for the rest of my life and lead a perfectly cromulent existence.

    Reddit user u/Wrekitra1ph replied:

    Not sure I ever turn the Simpsons off. Continuous repeat as I go to sleep the last 20 years. I even like the show so much I stay a whole season behind so if they ever cancel it then I could still have my new Simpsons ‘fix’ by playing a new episode on special occasions.

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    From Reddit user u/Sonicluke8:

    Futurama lulled me to sleep several nights. Probably watched the show way too much.

    Reddit user u/Tchrspest replied:

    I've had Futurama on shuffle+repeat 24/7 for the past ~3 weeks. It's not even my longest stretch. If I had to guess, I've probably seen every episode more than 30 times. I purchased the DVD box set and ripped them all to my hard drive, and am watching them from said hard drive.

    Reddit user u/TummyDrums replied:

    I've probably rewatched the series a hundred times and still laugh every watch. It's the perfect combination of smart and dumb humor.

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  • From Reddit user u/6837topurple:

    Star Trek: The Next Generation.

    Reddit user u/megaloduh replied:

    Came for this answer. Next Generation and DS9 are both amazing time and time again.

    Reddit user u/InquisitiveSomebody replied:

    With all the reruns in my childhood, I cant help wondering how many times I watched the whole series before reaching adulthood, even. It was surreal the first time I binged the whole thing. I'd never been able to connect all the dots in the overarching storyline.

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  • From Reddit user u/hsiruolf:

    Parks and Rec.

    Reddit user u/ThegoLopez replied:

    This! Everytime I watch it I catch some new detail in the background or between-the-lines dialogue I never noticed before. Elegantly crafted.

    Reddit user u/Mundane-Landscape-49 replied:

    I can watch these episodes over and over again without getting bored. The only downside is that you start seeing Parks and Rec references EVERYWHERE and nobody knows what the heck you're talking about.

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  • From Reddit user u/hobisspritecan:

    Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

    Reddit user u/Linison replied:

    I’ve watched the whole series through a few times. I loved it as a young adult.

    Reddit user u/crimewavedd replied:

    I just finished yet another rewatch, which I’ve been doing every other year or so since the show ended. I grew up watching it, so it feels like I’m going home whenever I put it on. Such a brilliant series.

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    From Reddit user u/DisillusionedDuck217:

    Frasier. Most people I know think it’s overly formal and weird. I’ve always thought it was hilarious and always will.

    Reddit user u/ThunderSnow- replied:

    I can't even count the number of times I've watched Fraiser through. Great show.

    Reddit user u/kattii replied:

    Seeing Fraiser having some of the same problems I am going through is comforting and reassures me that I'll get through it too. I have watched the entire show from start to finish at least a dozen times and it never gets old.

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