Popular TV Shows That Dove Into Seriously Weird Incest Plots  

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It’s rare that incestuous relationships on TV are brought to light, likely because whenever they show up things get really icky really quickly. Even though brother-sister relationships on TV are presented (correctly) as being super gross, they don’t compare to real stories of people who have been victims of incest, or sexual abuse at the hands of their family members.

It’s almost impossible to present an accurate representation of incest on television and not trigger someone or gross a few people out. It’s not a subject for the faint of heart, but writers keep trying to get the concept of incest out there. Some shows are able to make the topic work in better ways than others, and the successful shows aren’t always the ones you'd think. Some dramatic series completely drop the ball, while a few comedy programs manage to accurately portray an incestuous relationship. 

The list of film and television shows that have delved into the dark underbelly of incestuous relationships is small, but it’s interesting to see which programs have put incest on television in a somewhat serious manner. One of the first things you’ll notice is that incest relationships on TV are half played straight, and half for comedy. Pretty much every instance of incest in TV that’s shown on a dramatic series ends in the worst way possible. If you’re wracking your brain trying to think of which mainstream shows portrayed incest, stop thinking about it and start reading.

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The will they/won't they between George Michael and Maeby might be the ickiest thing that's happened on network TV in the last 20 years. Thank goodness Michael Cera and Alia Shawkat are so adorable. Their whole relationship begins when Maeby kisses Michael to piss off her parents, and then escalates to the point where the two accidentally get married. Ah, young (maybe related) love. 

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Incest is basically the catalyst that gets the narrative of Game of Thrones going. In the first episode, it's revealed that Cersei and Jaime Lannister have been involved in a brother/sister sex thing since they were super young. Not only have they been getting weird at every available opportunity, they've also had three children together: Myrcella, Tommen, and Joffrey (all of whom die, presumably because the gods in Westeros don't get down with abominations).

The "R.R." in George R. R. Martin must stand for "Really weiRd."  

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In a real bang up episode of AHS, "The Replacements," Zoe brings back Kyle from the dead after he was crushed in a telekinetic bus accident (long story) and returns him to his mother.

Oh, and his mother really likes sexually abusing him. So it was kind of a double-edged sword. When she tries to put the moves on Kyle when he's home, he freaks out and beats her to death. In other words, it's a fun romp for the whole family. 

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Riverdale Twins Are In Love With Each Other, But Don't Worry It's Not In A Sexual Way
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The Blossom twins on the CW's Riverdale start the show off confessing their love to one another while rowing a boat out in the middle of a lake (weird.) It gave people some serious twincest vibes - Cheryl telling Jason she was his soulmate, for one - and it definitely raised some eyebrows.

Not to mention the creepy hand holding, drinking milkshakes situation. But not to worry, the show's creator says their love is strictly platonic - despite their opening scene having some serious romantic overtones.

Even weirder is when it's revealed Jason and his girlfriend/baby momma Polly are actually third cousins. Incest must run in the family.