TV Shows With Absolutely No Sense Of New York Geography

There's a lot of stuff about living in New York television gets completely wrong. From two broke buddies living in a gorgeous, sprawling West Village apartment to depicting Times Square as anything but a horrifying hellscape, television makes a lot of mistakes when it comes to showing the realities of living in NYC. But one of the most egregious and terrible mistakes frequently made is the inaccurate representation of New York geography. 

TV shows with no sense of New York City geography have misled many tourists for years. They get off the subway on the Lower East Side and are suddenly scratching their heads, thinking, "Wait, so this isn't Central Park?" Shows have routinely falsely portrayed locations of various historic sites in New York.

Maybe television directors were led to believe that all it takes to get to Manhattan from Nassau Avenue is a quick 10-minute train ride. TV shows set in New York have perpetuated the notion that you can get anywhere in a tight five minutes by whistling at a cab. Well, it's time to call out the most inaccurate assessments of geography in New York City in a handful of different TV shows.