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The Best TV Shows with Non-White Stars

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List RulesShould be shows that are currently airing or streaming new episodes.

Over the past few years, we've begun to see more and more diverse faces begin popping up in both the film and television worlds. Not only has the change been a long time coming, but seeing the industry and audiences requesting more diverse casts in their shows and movies has led to some even more interesting and unique additions to the entertainment world.

It's time to honor these minorities on TV with a list of shows that not only feature non white actors, but give them leading roles. When it comes to minorities on television, which shows are the best?

The TV series starring minorities ranked below are only shows that are currently airing, have a new set of episodes being produced, or are releasing new episodes on streaming platforms.

Check out this list of the best shows on TV with non-white stars and vote up the best of the best.
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