TV Shows That Probably Made You Cry at Least Once 

Lynn Yu
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We all have television shows that we love and are inordinately invested in. For Scandal fans, every Thursday night meant a wine-fest combined with endless tweets and posts about the latest plot twist and emotional turn. For Friday Night Lights fans, it was the waterworks every time Coach Taylor gave a motivational speech or shared a loving moment with Tammy. Television has a way of coming into a viewers life and taking over. These addictive and emotional TV shows have tugged at viewers heartstrings, both in the sad moments and uplifting scenes, and captivated audiences with their popular characters and well-developed worlds.

Which TV series have you been the most emotionally tied to? Some of the shows on this list, like Orange Is the New Black, are serious binge-watch series with characters you care so much about, that you simply have to know what happens next in their stories. Others, like Friends, are classics that had television lovers gathered around their sets once a week to follow the ups and downs of their favorite fictional characters.

We spend so much time with these TV characters that when they succeed, we're happy, and when they die... well, there's always more wine. What are some of the most gripping and captivating television series ever? Which TV shows make you feel the most deeply?

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"How you doin'?" is now an iconic line and part of the pop culture lexicon. Six friends who somehow lived in amazing New York apartments despite the dubiousness of their employment statuses were America's sweethearts for a solid decade. Even now, college-aged Millennials return to this show for binge watching purposes when contemplating the daunting prospects of their twenties. 

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It's okay, you can hate the series finale. But that doesn't mean you weren't strung along for the entirety of the "legen-wait for it-dary" ride.

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