TV Shows You Wish You Were A Character On

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Shows from any era that you wish you could be a character on. No reality or sketch comedy.

You don't just love your favorite TV series; you're obsessed with them. You don't just want to watch them over and over again; you want to live the series. There are just some television shows you absolutely want to be a character in, for any number of reasons. No matter if you're looking to be in a hilarious comedy or a nail-biting drama, there are many shows that it would likely be tons of fun and/or super interesting to be a part of.

Are you a huge fan of sci-fi? Do you want to believe that science can transcend what we know of the laws of physics? Perhaps joining the crew of Battlestar Galactica is your jam. Do you want to hang out with a bunch of crazy classmates in a Spanish study group that does anything but study? Hey, Community's probably your style. Or perhaps you want to boldly go where no one has gone before? Star Trek: The Next Generation has got to be your choice. Whether you want to join the great big Modern Family, or you want to time travel with the cast of Doctor Who, there are plenty of awesome television worlds and TV shows you'd like to be part of.

So vote up the television series you wish you were a character on and maybe the Happy Endings gang will invite you to sit with them, or you'll get a job in the Pawnee Parks Department. Even if the show is off the air, if you think it would be fun to have been a character on the series, vote it up!
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