The Very First Tweets From TV Stars

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The first tweets ever tweeted on Twitter by television stars

Celebrities let you know everything about themselves with the help of Twitter. Sometimes they are the exact persona you are familiar with on TV, other times they are completely different. But everyone has to start Tweeting somewhere. And some of these first Tweets are downright embarrassing.

Some celebs' first Tweets just mention the fact that they're joining the new medium. Other early Tweets hit the ground running, by making joke Tweets as if they've already mastered the form. What did your first Tweet say? Do you think you'll have anything in common with these television stars' first tweets?

Twitter became an important medium at the end of the 2000s. In this decade it has impacted the way that we engage in the world. Revolutions are fought on Twitter; stars are made on Twitter. The world operates differently now because of this new medium. There really is no wrong way to Tweet. Some people use it exclusively for jokes, others use it as a way to deliver news and information, while still others use it as a strange art project.

Vote up your favorite first Tweets from the television stars below and see how they all did on their first tries.