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TV Actors Whose Addictions Affected Storylines

Updated 14 Jun 2019 90.3k views6 items

It’s bound to happen. With all of the money, fame, and access comes along with a hit television show, so too does temptation and danger. Oftentimes, actors cannot resist the allure of easy drugs and flowing alcohol. Unfortunately for some stars, their addictions even affected the production of their shows. How does the network choose to handle the situation when an actors has a drug problem? It depends. They might consider how many times the actor been in trouble, whether their drug addiction negatively affects their work, and whether they are ready to go to rehab. Often, they've got to let the actors go in order to save production costs and save the actor's life. For the on-screen characters, that means big changes. Here are some actors whose addictions affected storylines.

The show must go on. Unless that show is Grace Under Fire. The sitcom was a big hit in the 1990s, but then its star, Brett Butler, totally stopped being able to do her job because of a heavy Vicodin addiction. ABC didn’t think they could go on without her, so they pulled the plug on the show altogether.

What happens when one of the main stars of a mega hit show thinks he has tiger blood? Charlie Sheen had a great gig on Two and a Half Man. Unfortunately, a combination of drugs and attitude got him fired. Can a show go on without its headlining star? It sure can, just hire Ashton Kutcher.

Check out these other actors whose addiction issues became storylines. Some were able to overcome their battle, while others unfortunately, were never able to recover. 
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