Supposedly Good TV Teachers Who Are Actually Horrible Educators

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From Miss Brooks to Mr. Cooper, from 13 Reasons Why's Mrs. Bradley to Gilmore Girls's Mr. Medina, there is no shortage of good TV teachers. And then there are the others - those their show wants you to believe are good, but who, in actuality, suck at their jobs. The educators on this list have amassed reputations for being "memorable," but being memorable is not the same as being exemplary. While showrunners want to make you think they're spotlighting the triumphs and tribulations of the teaching profession and all the sacrifices therein, they're kind of giving teachers a bad name.

Whether a TV teacher is secretly involved in criminal activity or just blurring lines between the professional and the personal, television is chock-full of examples of less-than-consummate teaching professionals. Despite being considered decent educators in their respective fictional universes, it's pretty amazing the teachers on this list keep their jobs.