TV Wives Who Should Have Left Their Husbands

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Vote up the fictional wives who really deserve better and should just file divorce papers.

Not all TV husbands are created equally, making viewers wonder why the wives put up with them for so long. Some men treat their wives with love and respect, providing and caring for their families. Some are just downright toxic. Then there are those TV husbands you never realized were awful, with all their mediocrity and self-centeredness. So, why do certain TV wives stick around, when they're obviously way too good for their man? 

There are several problematic pairings in television where the husbands are just crappy human beings. They range from being immature, egocentric, and irresponsible. The wives in these terrible relationships deserve much better and should leave their man right away. Check out this list of women on television who need a better man and vote up the ones who should get divorced. 


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    Lois Griffin
    Photo: FOX

    Despite the name of the show, Peter is far from being a family guy. His behavior often puts his wife and children in peril. He spends a lot of time getting wasted with his drinking buddies and acting like an idiot. He takes his wife for granted, disrespects her, and pulls deadly pranks.

    Oh, and he doesn’t shy away from admitting to being attracted to other women. Why does Lois stay with him? It’s a mystery. 

    • Series: Family Guy
    • Actor: Alex Borstein
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    Marge Simpson
    Photo: FOX

    Seeing Marge get frustrated with Homer’s many annoying habits can be amusing, but it certainly doesn’t win him any husband of the year awards. He often puts the entire family in danger, which is not a solid foundation for a long-lasting marriage. Remember when he buys a gun and proceeds to carry it everywhere, in spite of Marge’s pleas to get rid of the weapon?

    Or when he gets into an accident while driving drunk and makes it look like his wife was behind the wheel? Yeah, Marge can definitely do better.

    • Series: The Simpsons
    • Actor: Julie Kavner
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    Alice Kramden
    Video: YouTube

    While seeing Alice and Ralph constantly bicker was considered fun back in the '50s, it was clear to everybody that Alice was much better than her husband. Add in the fact that he often uses space travel as a metaphor for hitting her and you’ve got yourself the perfect recipe for an unsuccessful marriage.

    The fact that, "One of these days, Alice - pow! Straight to the Moon!" remains a classic sitcom line speaks volumes. Thankfully, threatening your wife with domestic violence isn’t sitcom material anymore. 

    • Series: The Honeymooners
    • Actor: Sheila MacRae
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    Edith Bunker
    Photo: CBS

    Archie Bunker may be funny, but he’s a horrible husband. Bigoted and verbally abusive, living with him day after day can’t be pleasant. Edith, a cheery and loving woman, would clearly benefit from hitting the road. 

    • Series: All in the Family
    • Actor: Jean Stapleton