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These Fan Theories About The Walking Dead Will Make You Question Everything

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On this hilltop, you can see SPOILERS everywhere. This list discusses events from The Walking Dead up to the end of season six, so check back in when you’re caught up. 

The Walking Dead fan theories: everybody’s got ‘em. Some are steeped in the original comics. Others were born on late night Reddit threads. Many fan theories are totally plausible in this Robert Kirkland and Scott Gimple (by way of Frank Darabont) world. Others are delightfully ridiculous. But if you’re a fan of the show, comics, or both, The Walking Dead conspiracy theories are part of the deal.

Some of these theories about The Walking Dead have been disproven now that the comic series has ended, but that doesn't make them any less fun. For example: Is Rick immortal, the leader of a blood-thirsty gang, or making all of this up inside his comatose brain pan? Will Negan kill Maggie, Daryl, or finally get around to Glenn as depicted in the comics? Or will he kill someone else entirely? Maybe Carol, Abraham, or Morgan?

There's lots to ponder, for sure. As the seasons wear on, fan theories about The Walking Dead characters shift and change. Are Rick and Co. the good guys or the bad guys? Will Carl survive into old age to tell the next generation about the world before? Check out these popular Walking Dead fan theories before Negan gets here and all hell breaks loose.

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