News People Magazine Voted Blake Shelton The Sexiest Man Alive And The Internet Strongly Disagrees  

Mick Jacobs
November 15, 2017 617 votes 112 voters 5.1k views 24 items

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People made the executive decision to declare Blake Shelton 2017's Sexiest Man Alive, a title the Internet disproved faster than an episode of Mythbusters. Declaring Blake Shelton "Sexiest Man Alive" is the equivalent of awarding a Best Hip-Hop Grammy to Macklemore over Kendrick Lamar, and Twitter made sure everyone knew of People's misguided decision. Tweets about Blake Shelton winning Sexiest Man Alive call into question how a racist and homophobic man on the NBC version of American Idol managed to snag this honor away from a slew of other celebrities. Many Twitter truthers expressed uncertainty that Shelton even ranks among the hottest celebrities named Blake

The funny tweets about Blake Shelton below offer up numerous reasons as to why Shelton earned a distinction deserved by people like Idris Elba or Armie Hammer. Obviously, all people, including People, have a right to their own opinion, but Twitter is here to let you know Blake Shelton as "Sexiest Man Alive" is not an opinion, it's fake news.

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