Awards The Boss Baby Was Nominated For An Oscar And People Are Losing Their Minds Over It  

Mick Jacobs
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Of all the Academy Award nominations and snubs for 2018 (hello, Tiffany Haddish), none appeared to inspire more heated debate than The Boss Baby's 2018 Oscar nomination for Best Animated Feature. People's reactions to The Boss Baby's Oscar nomination range from shock to anger to genuine happiness, though that last reaction may simply be a contrarian take on the matter.

While perhaps not the worst film of 2017The Boss Baby ranks nowhere near the top, not even among animated films, making The Boss Baby's Academy Award nomination all the more jarring to many people. As numerous reaction tweets about The Boss Baby's Oscar nomination point out, quite a few animated films deserved more shine than one about an animated, infant version of a 30 Rock character. Films such as A Silent Voice and The Lego Batman Movie scored high among both critics and filmgoers alike, yet The Boss Baby walked away with the nomination, likely because it netted over $400 million at the box office.

And remember, these angry tweets about The Boss Baby are just about its nomination. Imagine the outrage that would happen if this film somehow unseated Coco for Best Animated Feature.

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