Tweets That Nail Having a Roommate

For many young people, roommates are a necessary evil. In exchange for lower rent, you have to put up with occasional disappearances of food and a general lack of privacy. Sometimes you may even find yourself in a screaming match which involves you insulting each other's fashion choices and threatening to burn each other's underwear. Oh, that's just me? K.

In any case, you should definitely check out these tweets which majorly encapsulate the roommate experience. Some will make you laugh; some will make you laugh-cringe. All of them will make you want to live alone forever. Enjoy! 

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    When you're looking for a new roommate

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    When your roommate is dumb

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    When your roommate is actually nice to you

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    When you have a really weird roommate

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    When your roommate steals your food

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    When you tell your roommate you're moving out

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