18 Tweets Roasting Hogwarts Students For All The House Points

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From the eponymous hero of the Potterverse (his name's Harry, in case you're not familiar) to less-featured characters like Dean Thomas and Ernie MacMillan, the students of Hogwarts are a diverse array of personalities and quirks. All over social media, they are equally adored by fans as they are celebrated. However, there are also times when the internet can't help but give them a hard time. Draco Malfoy's pronunciation of “Potter.” Hermione's romantic choices. Cedric Diggory's decision to bathe with an egg. Everything is fair game in a post.

Check out this list of tweets that positively roast the students of Hogwarts, and don't forget to vote up your favorites!

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    Potter Pucker

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    Deep Vocabulary

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    Second Editions

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    Howard Dean Thomas

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    Slim Pickins'

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