Cats 23 Tweets That Prove Cats Are Jerks  

Ashley Reign
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Perhaps it should come as no surprise that there are tons of funny tweets about cats out there in the universe when you consider what all cat owners know to be true: cats tend to be shameless jerks. As you'll see in the following funny cat tweets, regularly having their bad behavior called out on social media has served as nothing but encouragement for felines everywhere. That's right, your beloved pet just batted your coffee mug to the floor without even breaking eye contact. Tweet about. See if that does anything. 

The following cat tweets are a sort of virtual shrine to a wide variety of celebrated cat classics. Here you'll commiserate with other cat owners over everything from your pet's inconvenient seating choice to the unprovoked paw to the face that's cat speak for "I love you." So come on in and get ready to grin as cat owners all over the world complain about the jerks they call their best friends. 

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Smug Cat Puts a Stop to Your Scheduling Conflicts with Cuddle Time

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Elusive Cat Admits to Nothing

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Birthday Boy Cat Prepares To Knock Himself Out

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Startled Cat Regrets Nothing

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