Ranking What Your True Love Sent Over The Twelve Days Of Christmas

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Vote up the best things to receive from your true love during the twelve days of Christmas.

For such a simple song, The Twelve Days Of Christmas holds impressive depths. With well over twenty variations, each putting its own spin on each of the twelve cumulative verses, the possible permutations of what one's true love has given seem endless. One more common version has risen to the top over the years, from English composer Frederic Austin in 1909. It's this version that the PNC Bank has used to gauge its Christmas Price Index since 1984.

From the fluctuating actual prices of the items themselves to the depth of personal value each one holds, what day of Christmas is the best, based on the gifts given by your true love? Is the twelfth day the best because not only does the cost of musicians continue to rise, but music is basically priceless and also you also get all the presents from the past eleven days? Or is that just Too Much and you're quite satisfied stopping at three French hens, a handful of other birds and one fruiting tree?