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Fans Are Marking The 10-Year Anniversary Of 'Twilight' With Hilarious "Twilight Renaissance" Memes

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November 21, 2018 marks the 10th anniversary of the release of the first Twilight movie. This has prompted Twilight fans in 2018 to start reminiscing online about the series and have a laugh about some of its silliest moments in a fun, self-deprecating way. From digging up their favorite old memes to dedicating entire Tumblr accounts to the Twilight comeback, it seems that - much like an emo vampire boyfriend - it's a franchise that just won't die.   

In addition to sparking a cultural phenomenon in 2008, Stephenie Meyer's supernatural romance saga was admired by many and despised by countless others. Whether it was the questionable quality of the books and movies, Kristen Stewart's aversion to smiling on camera, or the fervor of armies of "Twihards" invading Comic-Con, Twilight became a property people loved to hate.

Now that the sparkles have well and truly settled, the "Twilight Renaissance" gives us all a chance to look back and celebrate the best and worst that the series had to offer.  

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    When Edward Realizes How Fragile Humans Are

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    If The Blood Weren't Frozen In His Veins, He'd Be Popping A Vessel

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    When Your Whole Personality Is Being A Klutz, But Bae Loves You Anyway

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