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'Twilight' Was Garbage But Man Did It Produce Some Stars

The Twilight saga may have produced some of the worst-received films in recent history, but that didn’t stop the final film from taking home $829 million at the box office. The series has many issues, perhaps the biggest being the source material off which it is based, but what happened to the Twilight cast after they finished slogging through the franchise? They took over Hollywood, that's what happened to them.  

It certainly wasn't the cast's fault that the teen films were totally illogical. Sure, no one was delivering world-shattering performances, but there's not much you can do with a slapdash script. Once they were free of the Twilight series, the best actors in Twilight went on to earn Oscar, Golden Globe, and Emmy nominations. Twilight stars today are commonly found in box office smash hits, critically acclaimed independent films, and television shows with cult followings. We should all be thankful that Twilight gave us these stars, even if the movies themselves were awful.