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Charlie Swan Memes That Prove He Was The Most Wholesome Character In 'Twilight'

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When Twilight first premiered in 2008, everyone got so caught up in the sparkly vampires and Bella's cringey school drama that they pretty much overlooked one of the most wholesome characters in the series - her smart-mouthed, soft-hearted, and endlessly beleaguered father, Charlie Swan. Played by a smoothly moustachioed Billy Burke, he puts up with a lot, but never stops loving and supporting his daughter. So here are some memes to show our appreciation! 

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    Speak Now Or Forever Hold Your Peace

    You're a good man, Charlie Swan?
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    He's Been Going Through It

    You're a good man, Charlie Swan?
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    Hi, Police? Yeah, This One Right Here

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    You're a good man, Charlie Swan?
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    Chug! Chug! Chug! Chug!

    You're a good man, Charlie Swan?