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Fan Theories About The 'Twilight' Saga That Actually Make A Lot Of Sense

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Whether you loved it or hated it, no one can deny the pull Twilight had over all of us. Between the best-selling book series and a movie saga, Stephenie Meyer certainly gave us a lot to work with. One of fandoms' favorite things to do is come up with fan theories. From unanswered questions to character quirks, we managed to round up some of the most interesting fan theories surrounding our favorite sparkly vampire series. Which Twilight Saga fan theory do you think is most believable? Vote up your favorites.

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    Bella Had Great Self-Control As A Newborn Because Blood Was Her Human Weakness

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    From Redditor u/Altruistic_Matter:

    So basically, in the Saga when people become vampires their greatest strength transforms into their powers. Eg, Carlisle's compassion, Rosalie's beauty, Bella's ability to protect herself using her shield.

    But what if, with their weaknesses were also magnified. In the books and movie, Bella was afraid of blood. What if her aversion to blood (her fear) also got magnified and blood wasn't as appetizing to her as it was to other vampires. Now this may not look like a weakness but imagine a vampire averse to their own food/energy source. It could potentially threaten their survival.

    This theory could also be extended to vampires' weaknesses like Edward's broodiness, Rosalie's pigheadedness (which did get enhanced according to Edward), or Jasper's bloodlust (he was a war soldier when he was human).

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    The Vampires In 'Twilight' Are Actually Faeries

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    From Redditor u/GodEmperorOfHell:

    Vampires in Twilight are not vampires, they are faeries. 1. They Sparkle. 2. They live in the woods. 3. In folklore, the Sidhe and Boabhan Sidhe drink blood, they are also unusually beautiful.

    From Redditor u/iamnotparanoid:

    That actually makes an incredible amount of sense. In Breaking Dawn they mention that European werewolves are a completely different breed from Jacob's clan,(real werewolves are the traditional full moon type) and that his clan just started using the term werewolves because everyone else did. It's not too far out picturing faeries doing the exact same thing just because they drink blood. This would also explain the random magic powers.

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    Being A Half Vampire Means Renesmee Won't Have The Same Capabilities As Her Family

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    From Redditor u/bernell46:

    Do you think that because Nessie is half vampire that she will age at some point passed 150 years. Like from when she was born she aged rapidly for about 7 years before she stops aging when she reaches 18 physically. However do you think it’s possible that the aging process will only pause for awhile before she starts aging again but slowly until she becomes old.

    From Redditor u/angbhb333:

    I don’t think she’ll age, but I also don’t think she’s as durable as the Cullens. If she’s got a heartbeat and is half human, she can theoretically be killed quite a bit easier than the Cullens. Jake, too. His quick healing could be life saving, but there are catastrophic events that kill people instantly. I don’t think Jake or Nessie would live as long as the Cullens.

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    The Imprinting Gene In Werewolves Is Sparked By Vampires' Presence

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    From Redditor u/onefortyam:

    Was re-reading the series (because what else is there to do during quarantine haha) and I thought of an new imprinting theory. They said that it’s suppose to be a rare occurrence but then like half the pack imprints over the course of 2 books. My theory is that just like how the wolf gene is sparked by the presence of vampires, maybe the imprinting trait gets enhanced too, especially since the Cullens are there longer than any vampire has been before.

    I think it’s less of a soulmate and more of an instinct thing, maybe by imprinting the wolf gene is more likely to be passed down genetically too so it carries the line (aka why Sam didn’t imprint on Emily perhaps). It’s more ridiculous to think they were “designed” just for those specific people all at the same time haha and no offense it’s not like their personalities have to match to the person they imprint on or anything, they all change to be exact who that person wants.

    From Redditor u/Java4452:

    The theory that the presence of vampires pushes the imprinting instinct definitely has merit. However, there is a lot of genetics at work here. If you'll remember, Jacob imprinted and he is the latest in his bloodline. The next chief in line. His sister was imprinted upon. Quil imprinted. He is Jacob's cousin I believe. Sam imprinted. He is an alpha. Neither Seth nor leigha(spelling) imprinted nor were imprinted upon. They were clearwaters. It seems that either the very strongest and/or the chief bloodline are the ones to imprint.

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