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'Twin Peaks' Is The Scariest Thing Ever Aired On Television

27 Apr 2020 1.4k views14 items

In 1990, the question "Who killed Laura Palmer?" was on the lips of television viewers across America. Twin Peaks uncovered the horror in small-town America for two seasons before going off the air. After a disturbing prequel film, Fire Walk with Me, co-creators David Lynch and Mark Frost brought the show back to television in 2017 for a mind-boggling 18-episode run.

Twin Peaks has always been a surreal blend of genres, with comedy and melodrama at the forefront, but the series fits best in the horror genre. Is Twin Peaks scary? Very much so, most often when it's not attempting a "gotcha" moment. Everything in Twin Peaks - the show and the town - is a nightmare, whether we're in the Black Lodge or One Eyed Jacks. Monsters, madness, and the unknown - it's all here in Twin Peaks.

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