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Twins Share Real-Life Stories Of Swapping Identities

Updated July 1, 2019 7.6k views19 items

Being a twin means you had someone to cozy up with during those nine months in the womb, followed by a built-in best friend for life. They're someone to share clothes with - a sibling who totally gets you. Plus, people think you're cool and envy your near telepathic twin connection. Yet another advantage of having a real-life clone (in the case of identical twins) is the ability to swap places with one another.

According to Reddit, a lot of twins are sick of people asking them if they've ever switched places with each other (along with people asking, "Are you twins?"), but many were still happy to share tales of trading identities. None seemed to get as elaborate as the scenario in The Parent Trap, wherein twin girls who are separated meet at summer camp, then switch places on opposite sides of the world in an attempt to get their divorced parents back together. But even less complicated schemes are amusing to hear about.    

Many twins swapped places at school, often deceiving teachers but not their classmates. Others attempted to fool their partners (beware if you are dating a twin). Some twins have tricked employers so they only end up doing half the work, and a few even managed to hoodwink family members. 

  • He Let His Brother Talk To His Girlfriend 

    From Redditor /u/gocanadiens:

    My dad is an identical twin. When he was dating my mom in college, he used to play a game with his twin. He would call my mom and partway through the conversation hand the phone off to my uncle. My uncle would see how long he could carry the conversation before he had to tap out and hand the phone off to my dad.

    Anyway, the first time my mom ever said "I love you" to my "dad," she was actually talking to my uncle. My uncle faltered, and that was when my mom realized what had been happening.

    They must've straightened everything out because they ended up married and had me, but seriously. What a colossal strategic error on my dad's part.

  • He Failed His Brother's French Test In Revenge

    From Redditor /u/thurgood_peppersntch:

    My twin brother got me a detention for his dress code violation and neglected to tell me, which resulted in me almost getting suspended.

    In return, I failed his French test.

  • She Switched Classrooms With Her Sister

    From Redditor /u/lizlemon93:

    I'm an identical twin and in fourth grade on April Fool's Day we decided to switch classrooms.

    Now my sister went to my original classroom without a hitch. I, however, had a harder time. What my sister failed to tell me was she was student of the week in class and I would have to get up in front of everyone and pretend to be her.

    A few of the students had figured out that it was in fact me and not my sister, and started laughing uncontrollably when I got up and sat on the "student of the week chair." Fortunately, the teacher was an idiot and didn't catch on right away, so I kept pretending to be my sister.

    Despite my brilliant acting skills, the other little... kids kept laughing and I was found out and sent back to my original classroom. But my sister's teacher gave me a cookie before I left. It was a weird day.

  • He Took His Twin's Yearbook Photo

    From Redditor /u/OMCIV:

    Not me, but my cousins are identical, and in order to differentiate, they styled their hair differently. One of them wore his hair with no product and a goatee; the other [was] clean-shaven with his hair slicked back.

    Anyway, the one who wore it slicked back was sick for picture day, I think freshman year at college. So the other had his own photo done, shaved, slicked his hair back, changed clothes, and went back as his brother. By looking at the pictures in the yearbook, nobody figured out they were the same person twice.