Weirdly Interesting 15 Stories of Twins Who Were Separated at Birth  

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There are numerous cases of twins separated at birth, with siblings being adopted by different families and having little or no knowledge that the other exists. While laws have ensured that twins are no longer adopted by different families, numerous sets of identical and non-identical twins ended up in different homes - many because of a controversial New York study that allowed researchers to separate twins that were in the process of adoption.

This study generated so much controversy when it became public that the results were embargoed until 2066, and many states banned the separation of adopted twins. Many other twins were separated due to world events, such as war, or cultural difficulties. In some cases, they found each other quite quickly because of social media, and in others, it took decades of one or both siblings knowing something was off about their upbringing, and there was someone out there just like them.

A few of these stories have taken turns for the bizarre, such as the twins separated in the 1930s with one ending up raised Jewish, and the other being forced to join the Hitler Youth. Then there are the poor souls who met, fell in love and married - never knowing they were actually separated twins.

Read on to learn more about these fascinating stories of twins being separated at birth, only to rediscover their other half later in life.

Audrey Doering and Gracie Rainsberry

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Audrey Doering and Gracie Rainsberry were separated at birth in China and adopted by two American families in 2007. Both 10-year-old girls were born with heart conditions, both underwent surgeries to fix their medical ailments, and both made full recoveries.

In 2016, Doering's mother Jennifer wanted to surprise her adopted daughter for Christmas by giving her some history about her life in China. During her research she discovered a photo of Doering and another girl - later identified as Rainsberry - sitting on their Chinese foster mother's lap. 

Shocked, Jennifer Doering began researching who the other little girl was, and soon connected with Rainsberry's mother on Facebook. The two met in person in January 2017 on Good Morning America and said they already had a lot in common. 

Anais Bordier and Samantha Futerman

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Identical twin sisters Anais Bordier and Samantha Futerman were born in Busan, South Korea, in November 1987, and were quickly adopted by different families. Anais grew up in Paris and went into fashion design, while Samantha grew up in New Jersey and moved to Los Angeles. Both thought they were only children until Anais saw a YouTube video of Samantha and realized they looked and spoke exactly alike.

After reuniting over Skype, the duo now speak every day and wrote a book called Separated @ Birth: A True Love Story of Twin Sisters Reunited. The book alternates chapters, with half written by Anais, and half by Samantha. In 2015, they released a self-shot documentary called Twinsters.

Jim Lewis and Jim Springer

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Identical twins Jim Lewis and Jim Springer were separated by adoption at four weeks old in 1940, and reunited in 1979. They became involved in the famous Minnesota Twin Family Study, which examined the genetic disposition of twins, and found a number of remarkable similarities: both weighed 180 pounds, both had been married twice to women with the same name, both gave their sons the same name, both worked in law enforcement, both smoked Salem cigarettes and drank Miller Lite, and both bit their fingernails.

Oskar Stohr and Jack Yufe

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These twin brothers born in the 1930s have an extraordinary story. Oskar was taken to Germany and raised Catholic, while Jack remained in Trinidad, where the brothers were born, and was raised Jewish by their father. They reunited in the '50s, and in between, Oskar had joined the Hitler Youth, while Jack worked on a kibbutz in Israel. The two spent a week together, then didn’t speak for 25 years. Decades later, they reunited again, and this time commiserated on their many similarities, rather than the strange paths they embarked on while separated.