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15 Stories of Twins Who Were Separated at Birth

There are numerous cases of twins separated at birth, with siblings being adopted by different families and having little or no knowledge that the other exists. While laws have ensured that twins are no longer adopted by different families, numerous sets of identical and non-identical twins ended up in different homes - many because of a controversial New York study that allowed researchers to separate twins that were in the process of adoption.

This study generated so much controversy when it became public that the results were embargoed until 2066, and many states banned the separation of adopted twins. Many other twins were separated due to world events, such as war, or cultural difficulties. In some cases, they found each other quite quickly because of social media, and in others, it took decades of one or both siblings knowing something was off about their upbringing, and there was someone out there just like them.

A few of these stories have taken turns for the bizarre, such as the twins separated in the 1930s with one ending up raised Jewish, and the other being forced to join the Hitler Youth. Then there are the poor souls who met, fell in love and married - never knowing they were actually separated twins.

Read on to learn more about these fascinating stories of twins being separated at birth, only to rediscover their other half later in life.