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News stories we're covering for This Week in Startups Episode #21, airing on Friday, December 2nd, will be posted here. This is an open list, so in addition to voting for the stories you want to hear about, now you can go to the bottom of the page and suggest your own! The big startup and tech industry stories from the week that get the most votes will be featured on the show, and if you suggested them, we may even give you a shoutout on the air! And don't forget to click through to Page 2 to see all the stories we're working on!
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Marc Andreessen Mulling Yahoo Leadership Role in Bid

VC Marc Andreessen is deciding whether or not to play a significant role—as a key board member and even possibly as chairman—at Yahoo Andreessen currently runs the Andreessen Horowitz venture firm with Ben Horowitz He has also reportedly been allied with Silver Lake Ventures on the Yahoo effort since September Andreessen Horowitz and Silver Lake last worked together to flip Skype from eBay to Microsoft while making a few cool billions Questions: What do you think of having Andreseen in charge? Will a re-invigorated Yahoo make a grab for AOL? SOURCE: AllThingsD
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Groupon’s Stock Falls 50%

The deal giant’s shares closed down nine percent on Monday, settling at $15.24 after bouncing off a new low of $14.85 That’s less than half the $31.14 that some investors paid at the stock’s high point, just after it went public in early November The drop is especially painful because it puts the company’s market valuation below $10 billion On the day trading opened, Groupon priced its shares at $20, several dollars above the expected price range of $16 to $18, and ended up raising $700 million at a valuation of close to $13 billion (just shy of its initial goal of raising $750 million) Questions: Is their under-performance bad news for the planned and rumoured upcoming IPOs of Zynga and Facebook, respectively? Is Groupon a "built to last" company or a flash in the pan? SOURCE: AllThingsD
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Google+ Goes After Skype, Adds Voice Calling to Hangouts

Google+ increased the features in Hangout, adding Hangouts with Extras that supports voice calling The feature is free to calls in the US or Canada, but to make an international call, you have to use your Google Voice account Competitor Skype currently charges for all voice calls to phones with pay-you-go rates starting at roughly $0.02 per minute, monthly subscriptions starting at about $0.01 per minute and a premium plan at a rate of $4.49 per month. As of October, Google+ had a reported 40M+ users compared to Facebook's 800M, so the new feature could bring some welcome growth Back in September, Google added screen sharing to Hangouts, posing a potential threat to web conferencing service GoToMeeting, which costs $49 per month SOURCE: The LAUNCH Blog
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Twitter Launches Self-Service Ad Platform

Twitter quietly launched a self-serve option for its ad platform this week in beta Advertisers with early access can now buy ads directly via Twitter, using a credit card and a Web browser, without ever having to talk to a human being The only products currently available are promoted accounts and promoted tweets, but Twitter says that will expand over time It’s a significant milestone for Twitter, as the service will need to be able to handle a huge volume of ad transactions--like Google and Facebook--if they’re going to grow into their $8B valuation SOURCE: AllThingsD