Total Nerd The 12 Most Twisted Sex Scenes In Sci-Fi History  

Aaron Edwards
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Science fiction has never been known as a particularly titillating genre. But people in science fiction do get down and dirty (as people are wont to do), and some of those sci-fi sex scenes can get incredibly twisted. We're not just talking about interspecies copulation (though there are plenty of instances of that throughout). No, there's some pretty crazy emotional stuff that goes down in some of these scenes. These go beyond hurt feelings: some of the scenes can get truly insane.

Sure, Star Trek has its share of strange sexual encounters (all of them awkward), but many horror filmmakers use science fiction to explore taboos in ways other genres can't touch. With enough imagination, you can create scenarios that will stay with audiences for decades. Decades. You can probably think of a few right now, but you're about to discover some more examples that will haunt your psyche forever. So, if you ever wanted to see otherworldly sex that involved robots, gene-splicing, inbreeding, and time travel you came to the right place. 

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From the opening scene to the second the credits roll, this film is essentially one long screwed up illicit adventure. Seriously, basically every major character gets busy with every other major character in every possible combination. Oh, and that’s on top of playing God with a mechanical womb and gene-splicing technology.

See, this young scientist couple creates an animal/human hybrid (ostensibly for medical research, mostly just to see if they can). They begin to raise the creature as their daughter, which makes it super creepy when the male scientist hooks up with her. Remember, she's part-animal.

The craziest part, though? It's eventually revealed that the female scientist used her own DNA to create the hybrid. The creature, previously female, changes genders and proceeds to assaulted its creator. So, yeah, she got assaulted by her own daughter/son/frog monster. And yes, it's just as disturbing as it sounds. 

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The Fly is listed (or ranked) 2 on the list The 12 Most Twisted Sex Scenes In Sci-Fi History
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The first time you watch The Fly, it really doesn't seem like a horror movie. But around the halfway point, Jeff Goldblum strolls into a bar, breaks a guy's hand off in an arm wrestle, and picks up some random woman. That's when you start to realize things are going very, very wrong.

When they get intimate, there's an animalistic look in his eye that's very... off-putting. It's right here you know he's losing himself, and it makes the scene anything but sexy. Also, the implications of their union is pretty terrifying in its own right. The viewer knows that Goldblum is well on his way to becoming a man/fly hybrid. So, uh, what is going on with his genetics then, exactly? Did he give this woman some sort of weird fly-based STI? Or will he just impregnate her with a terrifying monster-child? Neither option seems great.  

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On paper, the plot of Species sounds pretty much exactly like a movie you would find in the adult's only section. It is, however, a big budget Hollywood movie. Basically, the movie is about a female alien/human hybrid who escapes her captors and really wants to mate. Her desire to find a baby daddy leads her to LA, where she seduces a guy and they start going at it in his pool.

When he isn't too thrilled with the idea of having a kid, she forces him into the pool and goes to town on him with tentacles. If you look close, one of those tentacles is actually coming out of her breast. Yikes.  

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Kane And The Facehugger In Alien

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If you think about it, Kane getting impregnated by a facehugger is definitely an "adult" scene. An experiment: try to describe what the alien is doing to his face without using overly explicit terms. You can't do it For the three humans on the planet that haven't seen Alien, context doesn't really make the scene less weird. Like at all. 

So Kane of the spaceship Nostromo is checking out an alien vessel. He finds some slimy eggs (probably a good time to run away, but whatever), and a creature called a facehugger attaches itself to his face and impregnates him with an alien baby that later bursts out of his chest. Essentially, then, you're watching a cross-species interstellar assault. Basically, you'll probably want to skip Alien on movie night with your parents from now on.   

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