15 Sets Of Twisted Sisters Who Turned Horror Into A Family Business

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Sisters in horror movies have tumultuous relationships. They share bonds like no other, but when a love interest, an unlikable stepparent, or raw flesh gets in between them, things can turn nasty very quickly, and like some real-life siblings who've gone bad, they take a turn to the dark side.

Still, most of the time, when all is said and done, they do recognize that family is family no matter what - even if they leave a considerable body count. 

The sisterly celluloid siblings on this list have some of the greatest on-screen love/hate relationships. Which depraved duos creep you out?



  • Pim And Ploy - 'Alone' 
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    Pim And Ploy - 'Alone' 

    Conjoined twins Pim and Ploy have very different personalities - Pim is sweet and Ploy is cold. Despite their differences, Pim is protective of Ploy, and they vow to stay bonded for life. That is, until a boy named Wee comes between them. 

    Both girls like Wee, but he is attracted only to Pim. Ploy is jealous, and when he visits, she refuses to get out of bed. Pim angrily demands their separation via surgery, which Ploy does not survive.

    It isn't until Wee and Pim visit her mother that he discovers he married Ploy, who killed Pim in a fit of rage after she said she wanted to be separated. When he confronts his wife, she knocks him out and the house catches fire.

    He escapes, but she is held down by her ghostly sister, who finally exacts her revenge. 

  •  Vera And Beth - 'Incident in a Ghostland' 
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    Vera And Beth - 'Incident in a Ghostland' 

    Trauma can affect sisters very differently. Beth, Vera, and their mother move to a new home they have inherited from their aunt. Beth is a budding horror novelist whose book ideas are mocked by her sister. The girls bicker and don't appear close. 

    When they get to the home, they realize they were followed, and are attacked by strangers. Their mother stabs the intruders. 

    Years pass, and Beth becomes a successful author. She returns home to visit Vera and her mother, who live in the same house, and is met with ghostly forces.  

    But all is not as it seems. Beth snaps back into her reality - the girls' mother is dead, and the sisters, both battered and bruised, are still being held hostage.

    When they are rescued, the audience is not sure that their rescue isn't another one of Beth's delusions or that Vera is even alive.

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    Rose And Iris - 'We Are What We Are' 

    Rose and Iris Parker aren't bad - they were simply born that way.

    The girls are the most recent generation of Parkers to hold "Lambs Day," a fasting tradition they take part in two days before eating their annual human victim.

    During this particular year, their father kidnaps a local women known to them. They reluctantly go along with the feast, but vow to break free of him and their family history. 

    Flesh-eating aside, the girls are like any other teens and desperate to make their own way in life. Cannabalism just confirms this notion.

    While they do get the chance to flee, we don't know if they'll forge a whole new path or continue to fulfill the family tradition.

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    Frieda And Maria - 'Twins of Evil' 

    Not every sisterly bond continues - in fact, one sister may throw the other under the bus for her own selfish ends. 

    Identical twins Maria and Frieda are sent to live with their uncle, Gustav, after being orphaned. He's a strictly religious man who leads a group of witch-hunters. The twins resent his stern parenting style and vow to escape him. 

    Frieda befriends a local count who more than dabbles in black magic and Satanism. He murders a woman as a sacrifice to bring a vampire back from the dead, then turns into a vampire himself and makes Frieda one, too. When she returns home, she threatens Maria to keep her secret. 

    Maria, meanwhile, finds a love interest in Anton, a young teacher convinced that vampires exist. However, her love is one-sided - he's more attracted to Frieda. 

    Eventually, Frieda is found out and jailed. The count kidnaps Maria and throws her in jail to spring her sister.

    Freida, who has lost all connection to her sister, attempts to seduce Anton, and only when he can't see her reflection does he realize she's a vampire. He, Gustav, and the other witch-hunters capture the vampires and kill them, just before Maria is about to die. 

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    Justine And Alexia - 'Raw'  

    What is it about cannibalism that brings sisters together while literally tearing them apart? 

    Justine is about to attend college with her sister, Alexia, who is already on campus. Both sisters grew up vegetarians and are introduced to raw meat as part of a hazing ritual. Over time, both become ravenous for it.

    Soon, animals aren't enough, so they turn to people - and ultimately, each other. 

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    Anna And Alex - 'The Uninvited'  

    After witnessing her mother's death in a boathouse fire, Anna Ivers attempts to take her own life and is institutionalized. When she is released to the care of her father, she doesn't recall the event but has frequent, recurring nightmares. 

    She and her sister, Alex, bond over their mutal hatred of her father's new girlfriend, Rachel, who was their mother's caretaker. They begin to believe that the nightmares, which are now hallucinations, are her mother's way of telling them Rachel killed her. 

    When they try to gather evidence against Rachel, she drugs Alex and Anna. When Anna wakes up, she discovers that Alex has killed Rachel, and confesses the murder to her father, who tells her Alex died in the fire years earlier.

    Anna finally realizes that she tried to burn the house down when she found her father and Rachel in each other's arms, and ended up inadvertently killing her mother and sister.

    Her guilt over their deaths led to her dissociative identity disorder and murderous desires.

    (The Uninvited is a remake of A Tale of Two Sisters, also on this list.)