Twitter The Emoji Movie Is Garbage And Twitter Is Having Way Too Much Fun With It  

Mick Jacobs
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At long last, after countless and literally crappy advertisements, The Emoji Movie has arrived, and the Twitter echo chamber is not amused. Well, that's not entirely true; they are, but only with all of these tweets dragging The Emoji Movie through the mud it shamelessly placed on billboards across the country. When it comes to the worst movies of 2017, it might just come in first. In fact, most critics denounced The Emoji Movie to the point where it held 0% on Rotten Tomatoes, joining The Room and Gigli among the worst movies of all time. Journalists, casual viewers, and even celebrities all weighed in with their hilarious Emoji Movie tweets, showing the world that people still agree on something

But, as you can imagine, the self-proclaimed ironic people of the world will not only go see the film, but defend it with the heat of a thousand hot-headed emojis. Honestly, an emoji-fueled celebrity Twitter battle over the merits of this film sounds more possible by the second. Until that undoubtedly happens, let these tweets dragging The Emoji Movie express your feelings about this film that, whether you like it or not, is whipping up a lot of the feelings it stands for.

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Professor X Deserves Better

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'Let's Make A Movie About Something Already On Our Screens!'

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Thankfully, It Will Inspire No Imitators

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Yeah, Screw Autocorrect

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