Twitter Reacts To Robert Mueller's Congressional Hearing  

Brenden Donnelly
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On July 24, 2019, Special Counsel Robert S. Mueller finally testified to Congress after two years of silence. Mueller thought his 448-page report made clear what actions the Justice Department and the Congress should take, and said in his May 29 press conference that if questioned, he would not provide any information beyond the purview of his report, but despite his multiple efforts to avoid politicizing his investigation, it was thrown into partisan turmoil. Many Democrats have used his report as reason to impeach President Donald Trump, while Republicans have accused the investigation of targeting one side.  

Mueller was honest when he said, "Any testimony would not go beyond our report." He refused to answer many questions throughout the hearing, so it is uncertain whether or not Mueller's testimony will have any affect on the status quo; Twitter, however, is bursting with commotion. Should the President be impeached after this testimony? Does Mueller have an ulterior political motive behind his investigation? Is the nation doomed? To many the findings are unclear (hence the Congressional hearing), but the multitude of voices on Twitter all believe they have the right answers. 

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Members Of Congress Probably Haven't Read The Full Report


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Mueller Is Not Senile, He Was Careful With His Answers


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Nunes Hasn't Changed


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Rep. Hurd Was The Only Republican To Ask Necessary Questions


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