25 Killer Twitter Memes and Reactions To 'Venom: Let There Be Carnage'

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Venom was not your typical Marvel movie: it follows a supervillain as opposed to a superhero, represents a competing cinematic universe to the cultural behemoth that is the MCU, and features some… interesting decisions from its lead actor when it comes to what an American accent should sound like. Still, the movie has become a cult phenomenon in its own right, attracting a huge audience that has turned out in droves to see the sequel, Let There Be Carnage — and if reactions on Twitter are to be believed, it's lived up to that audience's expectations.

Fans on Twitter are voicing their opinions on the new movie, the blossoming friendship/romance between the main characters, and the jaw-dropped post-credit scene. If you've already seen the move or don't mind seeing some mild SPOILERS, check out the reactions below and vote up the ones that resonate with you most.