Weird Nature 20 Animals That Are Sometimes Born with Two Heads  

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Freakshows aren't the only place where you can see a two-headed creature. Some of these double-headed animals can be found roaming around in their natural habitat! Having two (or more) heads attached to one body is a condition referred to as polycephaly. That intimidating word has pretty simple origins; the Greek poly- meaning "much," and kephali-, which means "head." 

Though it's an extremely rare occurrence, scientists have come across quite a few instances of polycephaly throughout their time studying and cataloguing animals. We even use the two headed animal as a symbol. For example, a 2-headed eagle often stands for something grand and historical. It was also the mark of the Byzantime Empire. 

We aim to separate the myth from the unbelievably true in this list of two-headed animals. Check out this list of double-headed creatures below, and be sure to let us know what you think in the comment section. 


Porpoise is listed (or ranked) 1 on the list 20 Animals That Are Sometimes Born with Two Heads
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Two Dutch fisherman discovered this two-headed porpoise in June 2017. The animal - which was dead when they found him - was floating in the ocean. The fisherman took a picture of the animal before throwing it back in the ocean. It is apparently the only two-headed harbor porpoise known on Earth. 

Cobra is listed (or ranked) 2 on the list 20 Animals That Are Sometimes Born with Two Heads
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Look at how cute this widdle guy is! D'awww. This double-headed cobra has two brains, which means that sometimes, these two butt heads... literally. You know that cool S-shape maneuver that cobras can do? It turns out that it isn't so easy to move like Jagger when you're attached to another snake. 
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This pair of cute kitties are treated like individual cats by their owner. One is named Frank, and the other is called Louie. They've got a great Jekyll and Hyde thing going on; although one side has a lovable, sweet disposition, the other side tends to behave like more of a trickster. 
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This two headed pig was born in China, but unfortunately, it likely won't live very long due to various malformations. This little piggy has two ears, one eye, and two snouts. Births like this are usually the result of a split embryo (which would normally cause twins) that didn't separate completely.

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