Weird Nature Duncan The Two-Legged Dog Is A True Survivor And His Story Will Inspire You  

Eric Vega
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Everyone loves a happy ending, especially one that involves an adorable dog. Meet Duncan Lou Who, a spunky pup who has beaten the odds and managed to survive the impossible. He lives with his family in Washington state and has become somewhat of an Instagram celebrity. He has been through numerous traumatic ordeals, but every time he just gets up and keeps on smiling. 

Duncan the two-legged dog has become an online symbol for specially-abled pets and the happy lives they can live despite their unique circumstances. He has miraculously overcome trial after trial, earning his reputation as the miracle two-legged boxer. He has managed to keep his head high and his feet on the ground, even after a dramatic car accident where he subsequently went missing. Duncan was found three days later, safe, and continues to be an inspiring presence in the online pet community. 

Duncan Was Born With A Rare Deformation

While it may look like Duncan has been the victim of some body-altering accident, the truth is much less gruesome. Duncan was born with a rare deformity that caused his hind legs to fuse together in the shape of an X. He was never able to use the legs and they were slowly starting to twist his spine, so his owners got them surgically removed. The procedure turned out to be one of the best things to ever happen to him, as they cured the potential for pain and made it much easier for him to walk with his forelimbs. Amazingly, Duncan was up and walking just one hour after his surgery, proving that he is one tough dog.

He Was Thrown Out Of A Car During A Major Accident

As if his physical condition wasn't enough to endure, Duncan was nearly lost for good in a severe car accident. He was on vacation with his family and the accident occurred after leaving Yellowstone National Park. While they were driving, the family car struck a bison in the middle of the road. The car veered off the road, knocking out two electrical poles and rolling five times before coming to a halt. While everyone else survived relatively unharmed, Duncan was thrown from the car and went missing. 

A Huge Rescue Operation Was Organized To Find Him

Duncan's family was unable to find him immediately after the crash and grew increasingly worried about his safety. His owners put out a call for help online and immediately received support. A small search party was unable to find him and he was forced to spend a night alone in the wilderness.

In an amazing show of humanity, 30 people showed up on the second day to help look for Duncan. The large search party was unsuccessful until they got a tip from a random truck driver who happened to see a two-legged dog wandering aimlessly. At a gas station, the trucker heard people talking about the rescue operation and was able to point the search party in the right direction. He was happily reunited with his family with hardly any injuries.

He Has Died Twice, And Come Back Both Times

A night alone in bear country was not the only time Duncan has had a brush with death. Due to his health issues, Duncan's heart has stopped on two separate occasions. Both times, he was resuscitated by CPR, and the second time he had been dead for about fifteen minutes before coming to. What makes this even more miraculous is that most cases of dog CPR are unsuccessful. An estimated 3% survive cardiopulmonary resuscitation.