The Creepiest Two-Sentence Horror Stories From 2021 That We Can't Stop Thinking About

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Short. Effective. And completely horrifying.

Throughout the year, Reddit's Two-Sentence Horror Story subreddit was the perfect place to get in the spooky mood in a short amount of time.  Here are the best bite-size scares of the year. Vote up your favorite two-sentence scary stories.

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    Blind Date

    From Redditor u/lurker1125:

    My blind date texted that he'd finally arrived and was sorry for being 15 minutes late to pick me up.

    But we'd already been driving for 10.

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    Buggin' Out

    From Redditor u/BuddyTube:

    I screamed, ran out of my room, and yelled, "Dad, I saw a huge spider, can you come kill it?"

    I hoped the man standing in my closet didn't notice that I saw him, or realize the fact that I was actually home alone.

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    The Rising Son

    Posted by u/cerberus1326:

    My son wakes me up by screaming at the top of his lungs.

    It always gets louder leading up to the anniversary of his death.

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    Home Sweet Home

    From Redditor u/KangarooDense:

    When I came home from war, my mother opened the door to me and said, "It's good to see both of you again."

    Confused, I reminded her that my brother didn't survive, but then I heard his voice saying, "You can see him, too?"

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    'Just Pick One'

    Posted by u/In_the_end_there_was:

    "This is taking forever - just pick one already!" my husband griped, tapping his foot impatiently.

    I stared helplessly at my two trembling children as he waved the gun between them, but the words still wouldn't come out.

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    Night Watch

    From Redditor u/amnSor:

    As I watch her roll peacefully over in her sleep, I smile and think how lucky I am to know what true love feels like.

    It may look like an accident to others, but I know she leaves that tiny crack in the blinds of her window just for me.