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Two-Sentence Horror Stories To Get You Ready For Halloween

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    'Behind Her'

    Posted by u/inhalesomcal:

    The teacher looked confused as the children motioned frantically about the man crawling out the closet behind her.

    Too bad she muted all the kids so they wouldn’t talk over her story.

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    Posted by u/raptureinred:

    In his last days, Grandpa would weep and rave about the fires of Hell, and I wondered how such a good man could fear such a thing.

    After the funeral I found the photographs, and learned for the first time that his days in Buchenwald had not been spent as a prisoner.

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    Posted by u/TheOminousDarkness:

    "You have to push it in just a little bit deeper!" she said to her little brother.

    He nodded and shoved the fork into the electrical outlet as hard as he could.

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    'The Last Man On Earth'

    Posted by u/MintClicker:

    I knocked and cried for him to open the door, begging him to believe he wasn't the last man on earth.

    He reluctantly opened to see me smiling from both my mouths, realizing too late that he was right.

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