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Two-Sentence Horror Stories To Get You Ready For Halloween

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    Posted by u/Averagebiker21:

     "Look dad, the sharkies are so big!," my son said gleefully, pointing towards the glass.

    "Yes they are, champ," I said as I held back my tears and pulled him into the driver's seat for one last hug before the windows broke in.

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    'See If You Can Catch It'

    Posted by u/bigboisexyboi:

    It sounds like an ice cream truck baby, go outside and see if you can catch it," I said to my daughter.

    As I pushed her out of the door and hurried down to the basement, I could still hear the nuclear siren wailing and was well aware I only had enough supplies for one person.

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    The Gift

    Posted by u/ashersladegregory:

    I’ve always had the supernatural ability to know where someone was by looking at a photo of them.

    So it pained me to tell the mother of a missing child that her daughter was in several different places.

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    Posted by u/evaluateempirical:

    I work at a crematorium loading bodies into the furnace.

    You'd be surprised at how many times you hear screams after the furnace door closes.

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