14 Things You Didn't Know About Airports 

Jacob Shelton
Updated October 1, 2019 5.9k views 14 items

Thanks to impressive technological advancements, we can fly pretty much anywhere in a short amount of time and in relative safety. And while for the most part, this ability is something to admire, there are some surprising facts about airports that just might make you flip your lid.  

For instance, not only do flight attendants have a secret language, they also have secret bunk beds where they get some shut eye. If you find those morsels of information intriguing, just wait until you read the facts about airport security on this list, like what actually happens when you walk through an x-ray machine. And if you've ever wondered whether or not there's really a secret government base under the Denver airport, you're about to find out.  

Whether you've never flown on a plane, or you’re a seasoned coach roach, you’re likely to learn something new on this list of things you didn’t know about airports.
Flight Attendents Have a Secret Language
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If you needed further proof that we're surrounded by secret societies, look no further than this compendium of secret slang than can only be spoken by a true coach roach.
Airport Employees Rarely Go Through Security
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In some of the most frightening news on the planet, one airport employee took to Reddit and revealed that even though he had to undergo a strenuous background check, he rarely has to pass through airport security.
Planes Feature Secret Sleep Compartments
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If you're flying in a 777, there's a good chance that a flight attendant is snoozing above first class in a capsule filled with bunk beds and heavy blankets that block out sound. Maybe if you're nice, the attendants will let you get some shut eye too. 
Pilots Have No On Duty Time Limits
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According to a pilot posting on RedditFAA domestic flight rules don't cap the amount of time a pilot can be "on duty." Regulations only stipulate that they cannot spend more than eight hours in the air within a 24 hour period, which potentially means a pilot could be "on duty" for up to 14 hours, given time devoted to pre-flight check-ins, baggage loading, and fueling, not to mention runway delays.