A Teen Brutally Killed His Parents - And Threw A Raging House Party While They Rotted Upstairs

Most teens would relish the idea of throwing a killer house party for their friends while their parents are away. For 17-year-old Tyler Hadley, this house party was quite literally that - killer.

The 2011 murder of Blake and Mary-Jo Hadley rocked the small, sleepy town of Port St. Lucie, Florida, which had seen an increase in teen crime. While most of the crimes were limited to robbery, assault, and vandalism, the Tyler Hadley murders took crime in Port St. Lucie to horrific new heights. On July 18, 2011, the teen murdered his parents then threw a house party – a shocking incident that's not an isolated one. Murders committed by teenagers are uncommon, but they're not unheard of. 

In 2006, two teens inspired by the Scream movie franchise murdered their female friend. In April of 2017, two killer teens murdered their grandparents and threw a wild house party while their bodies rotted upstairs. Much like the 2017 murders, Hadley's guests unknowingly played beer pong, smoked pot, and laughed over YouTube videos without knowing his parents were lying upstairs, wrapped in a towel, stone cold dead. If they were told, they wouldn't believe him.

Here's the gruesome story of Tyler Hadley, the kid who killed his parents and threw the rager of a lifetime.

  • Hadley Took Ecstasy And Blasted A Lil Boosie Song To Psych Himself Up To Murder His Mother

    According to Rolling Stone, the murder occurred shortly before five in the afternoon. Hadley had hid his parents' cellphones so they couldn't call the police – an eerie nod to the punishment of taking away his phone they gave him for coming home drunk a few weeks prior. Since Hadley didn't think he could commit the murder sober, he took three pills of ecstasy and listened to "Feel Lucky" by Lil Boosie.

    Once the ecstasy kicked in, Hadley took a claw hammer from the garage and stood behind his mother while she worked on the computer in the living room. He thought about the murder for a full five minutes before striking her in the back of the head. Mary Jo Hadley screamed, "Why?" as he bashed her head in.

  • Hadley Murdered His Father Because "Why The F*ck Not?"

    Blake Hadley heard his wife's screams and ran out of the master bedroom to see what was going on. That's when he saw his wife lying dead on the floor. Tyler locked eyes with his father's for several seconds before his dad asked, "Why?"

    Tyler's terrifying response was "Why the f*ck not?" Then he proceeded to beat his father with the sharp end of a hammer until he was no longer moving.

  • Hadley Posted A Facebook Event For His Party And Over 100 People Showed Up

    Hadley invited people to his party via Facebook and said that his parents were away in Orlando, Florida. The news of the party quickly spread and nearly 100 people showed up to his home. Most of the party goers were not Hadley's friends and they trashed his house. According to Rolling Stone, after a few hours the home "looked as if it had been ransacked by thieves." One of his dogs was cowering in fear underneath a bed in Hadley's brother's old bedroom and the other was hiding in the shower.

  • During The Party, Hadley Told His Best Friend About The Murder, But He Thought It Was A Joke

    Michael Mandell was the first person Hadley told about the murders amidst the raging party at Hadley's Florida home. According to Mandell, the pair went outside after Hadley said they needed to talk. It was then Hadley revealed that he lied about his parents going to Orlando on vacation,

    'He says, "Mike, I killed my parents." And I said, "No you didn't, Tyler. Shut up. What are you talking about?"' Mandell recalled to ABC News. 'And, he said, "Mike... look at the driveway, all the cars are there. My parents aren’t in Orlando. I killed my parents."'

    Mandell still didn't believe Hadley. They continued their conversation in the garage where Hadley showed Mandell a bloody footprint. Mandell admitted, "I want to see them dead, if you really did it. I don't believe you.’”