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A Teen Brutally Killed His Parents - And Threw A Raging House Party While They Rotted Upstairs

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Most teens would relish the idea of throwing a killer house party for their friends while their parents are away. For 17-year-old Tyler Hadley, this house party was quite literally that - killer.

The 2011 murder of Blake and Mary-Jo Hadley rocked the small, sleepy town of Port St. Lucie, Florida, which had seen an increase in teen crime. While most of the crimes were limited to robbery, assault, and vandalism, the Tyler Hadley murders took crime in Port St. Lucie to horrific new heights. On July 18, 2011, the teen murdered his parents then threw a house party – a shocking incident that's not an isolated one. Murders committed by teenagers are uncommon, but they're not unheard of. 

In 2006, two teens inspired by the Scream movie franchise murdered their female friend. In April of 2017, two killer teens murdered their grandparents and threw a wild house party while their bodies rotted upstairs. Much like the 2017 murders, Hadley's guests unknowingly played beer pong, smoked pot, and laughed over YouTube videos without knowing his parents were lying upstairs, wrapped in a towel, stone cold dead. If they were told, they wouldn't believe him.

Here's the gruesome story of Tyler Hadley, the kid who killed his parents and threw the rager of a lifetime.

  • Mandell Didn't Call The Police After Seeing The Bodies – He Stayed And Partied

    Hadley brought Mandell up to the master bedroom to see the bodies. To Mandell's disbelief, the second he turned the doorknob and walked inside, he saw the leg of Hadley's father against the door. This was enough finally enough for him to believe the murders, but he didn't call the police. Instead, Mandell stayed at the party like nothing had happened, even taking a selfie with Hadley. His reasoning?

    'I knew it was going to be the last time I ever [saw] him,' he told ABC News.

    Hadley justified his decision by the fact that he didn't see Hadley as a murderer, even if he was one.

    'If you were in my shoes, and that guy was your best friend, you wouldn't want [to] leave right away,' he told ABC. 'I know how heinous and sick this is, you know, what he did. But, you... wouldn't have ran away, because you're comfortable with this guy. You don't see him as a killer.'

  • Hadley Casually Mentioned His Parents Had Died To Random Party Guests – And His Story Kept Changing

    Though Tyler Hadley didn't know the majority of the nearly 100 party guests that showed up to his home on the night he murdered his parents, that didn't stop him from casually remarking about their death and constantly changing his story about where they were.

    Throughout the party, people kept asking Tyler where his parents were. He story went from "They're in Georgia" to "They're in Orlando" to "They don't live here. This is my house."

    Tyler also remarked that to other party guests that his parents were dead. According to Rolling Stone, the party started to run out of beer around 12:30 am. Tyler left with his 21-year-old neighbor Mark Andrews and Andrews's girlfriend, Ashley Gershman, to get more beer from a nearby Sonoco station. While waiting in the car for Andrews to return, Hadley casually mentioned to Gershman that his father had died. Gershman thought he meant that his father died when he was much younger.

    Still, some of the kids at the party joked that Hadley had killed his parents. During a 15-win streak on the beer pong table, 17-year-old Jose Erazo heard someone utter "Oh, he killed his parents," but everyone just laughed.

  • Hadley Told His Best Friends That He Was Going To Murder His Parents And Throw A Party, But Nobody Took Him Seriously

    Though Hadley's family reports that he was relatively mild-tempered, he admitted his gruesome plans to his best friend, Mandell. The New York Times reports that on the day the Hadley's parents died, Hadley told Mandell that he was going to kill them. Mandell didn't hold any stock in these claims.

    Hadley also admitted his plans to his friend Markey Phillips, who missed the party because he was visiting family in Chicago. Two nights prior to the murders, Hadley and Phillips were playing video games and watching TV - a typical night for two teen boys. Randomly, in the middle of a conversation, Hadley blurted out that he "wanted to kill his parents and have a big party after." He said that nobody had ever done something like that before, and he wanted to have the party while the bodies were still in the house. Phillips thought Hadley was making a bad joke.

  • One Of Hadley's Friends Encouraged His Murder Party Plans

    On the morning of the party, Hadley hadn't yet murdered his parents, but he did have a concerning conversation with a fellow student at Port St. Lucie High School. Matthew Nobile, a 17-year-old junior, seemingly encouraged Hadley to kill his parents. The pair had the following exchange on Facebook Messenger at 9:40 a.m. the morning of the party:

    Matt Nobile: did u do it
    Tyler Hadley: no but im gonna
    Matt Nobile: bet?
    Matt Nobile: u really should now
    Matt Nobile: do it
    Tyler Hadley: dont worry i am
    Tyler Hadley: then im having a party
    Matt Nobile: yeah party time n****!