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Methods Of Time Travel In Movies, Ranked By How Much You'd Want To Use Them

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The concept of time travel has captivated scientists for centuries, along with theories about different types of time travel. It's no wonder we're so fascinated by time travel - after all, how amazing would it be to go back in time and change the darker parts of your past, or be able to glimpse the future? But as we've learned from various science fiction stories, altering timelines can have dire consequences. Would you time travel if it were real, risking all the potential paradoxes? What would you alter, and what would you leave the same?

This intrigue has permeated the public imagination and pop culture, making its way into countless movies over the years. There are as many different time travel methods in film as there are movies about time travel. Some have horrific side effects (brain damage among them), while others are as comfortable as hopping into a DeLorean or a hot tub. From mutant powers and quantum realms in the MCU, to time-traveling cars and journals, to invasive inventions in Primer and 12 Monkeys, which methods of time travel would you choose?

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