The 10 Types of Uber Drivers

Thanks to technology, people can now get around town without having to drive themselves - all for a fairly inexpensive fee. Before, if you couldn’t drive for whatever reason, you’d be forced to take public transportation, or worse, try to hail a cab. Both of those options have their drawbacks. Public transportation can take FOREVER, and cabs are expensive, often with prices going into the high double digits for a short ride. But now that Uber and Lyft exist, riders can get to where they need to go for a fairly cheap rate, and you won't have to share a seat with transient or ensure your cabbie isn't taking the long way. But the one problem with this model is that you have to deal with Uber drivers and Lyft drivers. No matter which rideshare service you pull up on your iPhone, you’ll always end up riding with one of these types of Uber drivers.

Of course, as with cabs and even public transit, you can get lucky and end up with a smooth ride and no freaks. However, no one's ever quite that fortunate all the time. You might step into a car with trash on the floor, blaring music you're not a fan of, or a bad driver. The latter, as you might imagine, can always vary. Even if their driving is okay, they may be a stiff when it comes to rolling down the window or cranking the AC. They may not even want you to have a drink in the car. As some passengers will tell you, though, these are minor issues compared to the other types of rideshare drivers you can end up with. For instance, you might get an erratic driver who swerves through lanes and tail gates the car ahead. Sure, you'll get to your destination faster, but only if you make it there alive. For those in a rush, you could end up in the new guy's car, who's just moved to the city and isn't great at getting around. Hope you gave yourself an extra few minutes! Simply put, you'll likely encounter a range of Uber drivers—some good, some bad. 

There are distinct Uber driver types and you can spot them easily. You’ve probably ridden with all of them, and even a mixture of a few of them. Considering the varying types of drivers, it’s no wonder there are so many Uber driver jokes floating around now that the service is so ubiquitous. Ride share driver types range from drivers who used to be cab drivers, to guys that just want to get out of the house and make a little cash. Others may absolutely need the extra money—and they might not be totally happy about that. 

Now, get out your Uber driver bingo card and get ready to spot which of these Uber driver stereotypes you’ve ridden with. Vote up the types of Uber or Lyft drivers you get stuck with the most!

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    The Old Guy

    Look, he knows he's old, but he's just doing this for the money because his sciatica keeps him up at night and he figured he might as well be making a little cash on the side. The old guy can either be a total grump or a sweetie pie, but unfortunately, there is no in-between.
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    The Mute

    No matter what you say to this driver, they won't speak a word to you beyond the possible "Hello," that they'll say when you hop in the back of their Prius. Sometimes this kind of driver can be nice, but other times it's just creepy.
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    The Oversharer

    Some drivers can't keep their mouths shut. Even if you haven't shown any signs of wanting to have a conversation, they're content to yammer on about anything and everything for your entire ride. Don't worry about chatting back - this driver can hold a conversation with a mirror.
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    The New Guy in Town

    This driver just moved to the big city and he's not really sure how to get around just yet. Sure, he has Waze on his phone, but that's not going to stop him from accidentally driving south for five miles instead of actually getting you to your destination.
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    The Uber Bro

    "You guys ready to party?" These are usually the last words you hear before sitting down in the Uber Bro's backseat before he cranks up some ear-blasting electronica and proceeds to make you car sick from his TOTALLY SWEET Mountain Dew-fueled driving.
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    The Driver Who Really Wants to Be Friends

    Some drivers don't seem to realize that just because you got in their backseat, it doesn't mean you've signed a contract to become their best friend. Hope you're ready to hear all about their parents' messy divorce that happened 15 years ago.
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