The Most Australian Things That Have Ever Happened

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Are you an Aussie who finds yourself constantly having to warn your American friends that your head may or may not explode if they ask you one more time to regale them with your childhood adventures amid packs of kindly kangaroos? Or perhaps you're a non-Aussie who has always wondered what a trip to the outback might actually entail? Well, either way list of extremely Australian photos has you covered. These are, without a doubt, some of the most Aussie things you'll ever see.

If you’re knowledge of the Outback consists of little more than stereotypes involving huge amounts of Foster’s beer and shrimp being placed on a barbie, then why don't you look at these things and educate yourself a little bit on what truly are the most Australian things ever. 

So, grab a couple bevvies and maybe even a mud cake for good measure and take this magical journey to Australia... without the 47 hour flight.