The Most British Things That Ever Happened

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Are you an American who’s always had a certain reverence and awe for the way that everything British people say magically seems to sound like Shakespeare? Or perhaps you're a Brit yourself who can’t seem to get over the tragedy of how everything Americans say sounds like a bad John Wayne movie? Regardless, if you’re a lover of all British things far and wide then you’ve come to the right place because assembled here is a collection of a few of the most British things ever to happen since… well, ever

Here you’ll find a wicked list full of situations and objects that both typical Brits and foreigners alike will be able to appreciate due to their overwhelmingly over the top British-ness. So whether you’re planning a trip to the U.K. or are a traveling Brit who’s feeling a tad homesick, come on in for a peek at these typically British moments and items that you're sure to deem the bee’s knees.

Whether you’re out to get the scoop on Benedict Cumberbatch’s deepest darkest tea fantasies or would love a look at some of the best British drunk fails ever, this list has you covered. Peruse these totally British pictures and perhaps even find yourself 'avin a welcome giggle, mate!

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    This Note from the Bobbies

    This Note from the Bobbies
    Photo: flickr / CC0
    "Hey assh*le, wake up, you're under arrest." -The American version of this note
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    These Adorably British Closed Captions

    [Politely amused chuckles from viewers at home.]
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    Stephen Fry Walking This Corgi Outside Buckingham Palace

    "Why Bob's your uncle, the Britishness of this moment's got me totally gobsmacked!" -This overwhelmingly British corgi
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    This Beautiful Summer Day

    "Spend a summer in the U.K. they said. It's gorgeous they said."
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    This Much Appreciated Clarification

    This Much Appreciated Clarification
    Photo: Wikimedia Commons / CC-BY
    Runaway emu's plot to employ a deceptive ostrich disguise ends in shambles. 
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    This National Heroine

    This National Heroine
    Photo: Metaweb / CC-BY
    You had us at "steals a ferry...."
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