wwe Nattie Made Tyson Kidd Custom Shoes and They Are Perfect  

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Nattie, if you're reading this... do they come in Puppet sizes?

Well, how do I get a pair?

Nattie posted this pic to her Instagram of these absolutely perfect shoes she had made for her husband Tyson Kidd, who is of course out of action after suffering a career-threatening neck injury during a match with Samoa Joe. 

Nattie's full post reads:

I wanted to make TJ smile... So I had my friend design him a pair of the most amazing custom kicks... Some of his favorite stuff on a pair shoes... Cats&Facts! ... Thank-you Dan MACHE for putting your heart into these and capturing Tj and our kitties! Tj absolutely loves them. #FACT (all we are missing is a picture of Cesaro on them... LOL )

I think we can all agree that we would love to see Cesaro head to the ring with those bad boys on next Monday on Raw.

Also, Tyson... You should know that you've got a Puppet out there that's pulling for you! Can't wait to see you back in the ring! FACT!

Those shoes would go great with this T Shirt

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Say "hi" to 2-Pawz for me

Missing my boys

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