The Craziest Uber Surge Pricing

Since Uber jumped on the app development and taxi game, its pricing model has been a bit of a sticking point with users. Sometimes the cost of a ride downtown is the low, low price of a few bucks. But at other times (i.e. peak hours) prices can jump up to up to nine times the price of the original fare, or more. This kind of jump in cost is known as “surge pricing,” and if you’re wondering how Uber price surges work: at times of high demand, there are fewer drivers on the road to pick you up. As a result, prices increase to entice more drivers to hit the road. Even though that makes sense, jumps in Uber pricing are still a total drag and these are some of the craziest Uber surge prices ever recorded.

We’ve all been the victim of Uber surge pricing, but likely not as badly as any of the people on this list. Whether they’re getting rides during a snow storm, or trying to get home on New Year's Eve, these riders have had to deal with some of the highest Uber surge pricing in history. They all dealt with their fares in different ways. Some of them whined on Twitter, others tried to get other people to pay their bill, and some riders wrote crazy long blogs. Hopefully these stories of the craziest Uber surge pricing will inspire you to get some exercise and walk home the next time you are thinking walking three blocks sounds too, too hard. Have you fallen victim to Uber’s crazy surcharge? If so, vent a little in the comments!