15 Underrated Cities To Visit, According To People Who Have Been There

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Travelers: vote up the underrated cities you think everyone should see.

Why travel to the same over-hyped tourist destinations as everyone else when there are so many underrated cities to visit? The well-traveled souls are sharing the best cities to visit that aren't on most people's radars. Have you been to any of them? Vote up the ones you think everyone should see!

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    Savannah, Georgia Has A Rich History

    From Redditor u/Americanslang59:

    Savannah, Georgia.

    Absolutely stunning architecture, not overcrowded, rich history, and you can drink beer on the streets.

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    Hamburg, Germany Is Everything You'd Want And More

    From Redditor u/TheBassMeister:

    Hamburg, Germany is underrated. Too many tourists visiting Germany skipping the second largest German city. The city is so vibrant and has the canals, universities, opera, big business, art, counter-culture, just everything I wanted it to be and more.

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    Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Isn't An "Industrial Wasteland"

    From Redditor u/Own-Positive2242:


    It still has the "industrial wasteland" reputation but it's beautiful now and has a diverse economy.

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    Kanazawa, Japan Is Just As Charming As Kyoto

    From Redditor u/PumpkinSpiceBiscotti:

    Kanazawa, Japan. It has the charms of Kyoto without the overcrowd that Kyoto suffers from during peak tourist seasons.

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    Belfast, Northern Ireland Is Awash With Culture And History

    From Redditor u/_spookyvision_:

    Belfast, Northern Ireland.

    People still think it's the 1980s with Gerry Adams, masked bandits doing street patrols, uniformed police beating up Catholics, and murals everywhere. That is basically all gone now, apart from the usual marching season and a few dodgy suburbs you'd best keep away from. Most normal people aren't that bothered and the city center is really good.

    Seriously good friendly people, clean and beautiful city, great vibe, stellar entertainment and nightlife, awash with culture and history.

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    Madison, Wisconsin Is So Much More Than College Sports

    From Redditor u/gil_beard:

    Madison, Wisconsin. I was only there for a day but everyone was super nice, the city was incredibly clean, there was plenty to do, and the scenery was amazing.

    Wisconsin is super underrated as a state, and Madison is the best the state has to offer.

    Madison has so much more than college sports, but either way, I'd like to add: That place is something else during game day. From Women's volleyball to football. Sure it's not Alabama or Duke, but we have relevant sports on both men's and women's sides all year round.

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