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Every Conor McGregor Rivalry In UFC History

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Ever since the first fighter stepped into a ring to take on another in a highly televised fight, people have been trashing one another. It's all part of the process, and if there's one fighter who seems to do it better than the rest, it's Conor McGregor. The man has no qualms about talking trash about his opponents up to and after a match, which has led to numerous rivalries.

Some rivalries may be real, and others could be all about showmanship, but it's fair to say, more than a few fighters have been insulted by the guy over the years. Whether Conor McGregors beefs with his rivals are real or not, he's got more than enough for any one person, and these are the most important. Check them out below, and be sure to vote up your favorite rivalries between Conor McGregor and whoever he had a problem with at one time or another.

  • When Conor McGregor faced off against José Aldo in the Octagon, the Irish fighter made UFC history. He managed to get the KO in just 13 seconds, earning him the UFC Featherweight Championship. Aldo was coming in off an 18-fight winning streak, and McGregor utterly defeated him. There was plenty of trash talk before the fight, as is common, but it didn't exactly die down when the dust settled.

    Aldo has turned down a rematch and has an explanation for his defeat. "Obviously, there was luck involved. He was lucky to get that shot in right away. If my punch would have landed a little lower, then he would have been the one on the mat. So, there was definitely luck involved."

    The rivalry pretty much came to an end with Aldo's defeat, and McGregor hasn't gone out of his way to trash the former Champion online as he has with other rivals. He has since moved to the Bantamweight division, so there's not much chance the two will fight one another again; not that either of them is looking to do so.

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  • Conor McGregor came up through cage fighting and the UFC, so it came as a surprise to many of his fans that he wanted to transition into the world of professional boxing. With that news began the feud between McGregor and Floyd Mayweather Jr., and the two fought in August 2017 at what has been dubbed "The Money Fight."

    Their feud began in 2015 when McGregor went on Conan and told the host, "If you're asking whether I'd like to fight Floyd... who would not like to dance around the ring for $180 million?" Mayweather responded publicly about the differences in their public perceptions based on their race, and McGregor took exception to this, saying, "Don't ever bring race into my success again. I am an Irishman... I understand the feeling of prejudice."

    Mayweather defeated McGregor in a brutal ten-round fight that gave the TKO to the boxer. Later, when news broke that McGregor wanted to fight Manny Pacquiao, Mayweather was quick to say, "Nobody wants to see that; it's like my leftovers eating leftovers."

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  • Paulie Malignaggi ignited a feud with Conor McGregor in December 2016 when he called out the Irish fighter, saying he couldn't beat Mayweather in his upcoming fight. McGregor didn't appreciate this, so he invited Malignaggi to spar with him at his Las Vegas training camp. They ended up sparring twice, first to eight rounds and then to 12. Footage of a disputed knockdown sent Malignaggi storming off from the team.

    Both fighters recalled the events differently, and a high-profile war of words ensued online. McGregor described the sparring match with the following:

    He was knocked down, he was flattened against the ropes. Multiple times the ropes kept him on his feet. We were worried about him. We thought the worst was about to happen. He was certainly badly concussed. And then he just got out and went running. He showed up, he tried his best. It didn’t go his way. He got his a** whupped, he got his pride dented and then he wanted a way out.

    Malignaggi wasted no time explaining what really happened in the ring:

    People say to me, 'You're embarrassed he knocked you down' but he didn't knock s**t down. He didn't embarrass me. People wish so badly they could see the full video and be right, but you're never going to get the full video. I beat the s**t out of your man, he's a bum! This is classic combat sports promoting.

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  • The Tony Ferguson/Conor McGregor feud has been going on for quite some time, but it didn't truly come to a head until UFC 249 came to an end. McGregor took to social media to issue a crazed threatening rant in his rival's direction, and it was brutal. The rant went on for seven posts, covering many of his other rivals. Ultimately, it was Ferguson's loss at UFC 249 that ended his 12-fight winning streak that brought on McGregor's attack.

    I love Tony. We represented him amazingly at Paradigm sports and were betrayed for a promise of a baseball contract. But frame and preparation and here was just embarrassing. His methods and conversation are humorous/enjoyable but he was never the level perceived. Although tough.

    Ferguson wasn't going to take any of that lying down, and he didn't waste any time either, replying on Wednesday with the following:

    (McGregor) you’re still my b***h. You never represented me according to Audie (Attar). If so, then you worked for me and withheld money from me. Focus on putting the bottle down, kid. Must be hard watching from the sidelines. Keep it up chump - champ.

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