The Ugliest Prom Dresses of All Time

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A bad prom dress can turn an ordinary prom picture into an epic disaster - the kind of visual assault on the eyes that scars people for life. What are the ugliest prom dresses ever? Everyone seems to have stories about the girl who wore the most hideous prom dress to their big dance, but the ladies on this list? They reign supreme. Be sure to vote for the worst prom dresses, and, if for some bizarre reason you actually like a dress on this it up. We won't judge, but we will pull all our girlfriends into the bathroom and talk about your awful dress behind your back. It would be funny if it weren't so terrible.

The frilly, sparkly, fluffy, frightening dresses on this list are some of the ugliest prom gowns ever. Consider yourself warned. This is one of those "Don't" fashion lists that you never, ever want to find yourself on. And honestly, many of these poor girl's prom dates were likely horrified as well. Really, how do you find a corsage to match a Team Edward/Team Jacob Twilight gown? Even the fashion-challenged Bella Swan wouldn't be caught dead (or alive) in the Twilight gown that graces this list.

Some of the ugliest prom gowns ever are also some of the most risque. Whether it's a skimpy, belly-baring gown or one that barely covers the privates, these gowns are made to grab attention - and not the good kind of attention, either. One has to wonder what the parents of these lovely ladies were thinking, letting them go out dressed like that. And yes, it's hard to imagine, but some of these horrible prom dresses can actually double as - gulp - wedding gowns!

Yes, prom does lend itself to ugly dresses, but there are just as many beautiful ones. It's all part of the balance of nature: For every hideous prom gown, there are at least five gorgeous dresses. If you're looking for inspiration, check out these lists for some stunning mermaid prom dresses, vintage prom gowns, plus-size prom dresses, and 2012 prom couture looks. Need ideas for a great prom theme? This list includes some of the best prom theme ideas around. Enjoy the big night, and try not to ever, ever make this list of ugly prom gowns, okay?

We've all seen ugly prom dresses. But what are the ugliest prom dresses? Take a look here and see for yourself.