Total Nerd Ugly Superhero Cars Companies Actually Tried To Sell  

Mick Jacobs

With comics becoming mainstream, superhero merchandise is a booming market. You can find practically any product with a Marvel or DC theme, but some products should probably stick with secret identities—like the superhero-themed cars in the video below, for example.

Cashing in on the modern comic-book craze, many auto manufacturers created different Marvel and DC-themed vehicles. While a cool idea in theory, a Batman-themed car only works if the vehicle in question looks like the Batmobile.

Unfortunately, manufacturers opted for a literal interpretation, creating cars based on the costumes of popular characters. Aquaman's costume works for him on the page, but his green-and-gold color scheme on an automobile is a whole different story.

Despite being based on a group of mighty warriors, superhero cars simply don't have what it takes to save themselves from their awful designs. Watch the video below to see an example of comic book fervor taken way too far.